Radiators have developed and advanced hugely in recent years. They are designed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness but more recently for both style and appearance.

The output of a radiator depends on the size and power of the radiator, if you have a small room then a small radiator will be sufficient but for a bigger room, a larger radiator will be more appropriate. At Macfarlane Heating Services we calculate your exact heat requirement dependant of the characteristics of the room. It is important to consider this when making your radiator choices.


Macfarlane Heating Services have a wealth of experience installing designer radiators that possess function, style and innovation, but more than that, they make a bold statement about your own inspiration in design and living.

Whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or a statement in your entrance way or hall. Macfarlane heating Services have both the knowledge and expertise to help.

There are a number of style, colour and design options on the market please feel free to contact us for further information and style options.
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