Commercial Installation Project

Our team have been well travelled in recent weeks with a trip across the border to install a heating system for a client at their new facility in Barnsley.

Project Background

The client had recently purchased a new manufacturing facility which was to under go a complete refurbishment to serve a dual purpose as workshop with a office area to accommodate staff.

Existing Heating System:

The office heating was supplied through radiators that had individual thermostats and appeared to be in reasonable condition as was the pipework, the boiler and pump feeding same is non-operational, obsolete and required to be replaced.

The existing hot water boiler was a gas fired unit, while operational was leaking and obsolete.

The factory unit had no heating as four of the five existing air heaters having at some point been dismantled and were lying on the ground. Again these heaters were obsolete, probably 20-years old and even if they were reinstalled should the customer have required any parts for same they would be difficult if not impossible to obtain and the operation of the system would be of poor efficiency.


Office area:
A wall mounted Keston boiler was installed with a welded low loss header arrangement which was fabricated off site. Pipework was taken from the boiler, in copper to same at a L.L.H. thereafter the pipework taken and connected to the existing heating pipes with a new circulating pump fitted.

Hot water was supplied via a 125L model of Sadia unvented cylinder, heated via an indirect coil from the Keston boiler L.L.H. with pipework via a motorised valve and pump.

Overall control over the heating/hot water was via a programmer located at boiler.

Gas pipework was rerouted and reconnected to suit, tested and certified. The boiler has a unique 2-pipe flue system comprising of 2×2” MUPVC pipes that was taken horizontally to atmosphere approx. 4m, one fresh air inlet and 1-exhaust gasses.

Workshop Area:

10-off combat CMP 35 UTN ‘U’ tube radiant heaters complete with all necessary propriety support system was supplied and fitted – these units were suspended from roof structure at predetermined height (9m approx.)

The existing gas pipework system was extended to each of the aforementioned heaters, valved at each unit with the final connection being approved flexible type.

All gas pipework was pressure tested, commissioned and certified, additional isolating valves were fitted as necessary in keeping with good practice.

Control over the system was in two zones to suit Client requirement.


This was a large space to heat but within half an hour of commissioning the workshop units unit, a comfortable working environment had been achieved.

“We are delighted with our new heating system which is not only achieves the warmth we desired in both areas of the site but is easy to operate and was completed with minimal fuss and to a high standard of workmanship”
Client Feedback.

Macfarlane Heating Services team on site

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