Boiler Repairs in Ayrshire

Here it comes, the freezing cold Arctic Winter we’ve been warned about! The temperatures are set to plummet across Ayrshire in the coming weeks, blanketing our driveways with snow, icing our roads and increasing the demand for boiler repairs.

As happens every year, the weather affects thousands of people’s boilers nationwide. Many people enter into the colder months of the year completely unprepared for the drop in temperatures. This can lead to scores of boilers and plumbing systems packing in as the conditions worsen. Unfortunately, this leads to people being left without central heating and hot water when they need it most.

Boilers can break down for a number of reasons: poor insulation, frozen pipes, blockages, leaks. Any one of these issues can cause the entire system to go down, leaving your own home feeling more like Antarctica than Ayrshire.

Boilers and The Big Switch On

Most people leave their boilers switched off during the warmer months before turning them back on later in the year. This has now become known as “the big switch on”. This refers to the day, usually around late October, when many people turn their boilers back on in preparation for the colder months.

Because boilers are left switched off for many months of the year, problems can go undetected. Before turning the boiler back on for the winter, we would advise people to have their boiler checked. By having your boiler serviced by a professional heating engineer, you’ll be able to nip any issues in the bud. This will save the time, money and hassle that comes with a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter.

Boiler Repair Professionals in Ayrshire

No one can afford for their boiler to pack in at this time of year, especially the elderly or those with young children. Should the worst happen and your boiler needs repaired, we’re on hand to answer your calls and solve the problem. Macfarlane Heating Services possess all the necessary expertise to get your boiler back up and running as quickly as possible.

One of our highly experienced engineers will be swiftly dispatched to your home to resolve the issues you’re having. While our engineer is there, he will not only fix the boiler, but carry out various different functional and safety checks. By doing this, you will be left with peace of mind, knowing your boiler is safe and will remain operational for the remainder of winter.

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