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The independent recently revealed their choice on the 10 best smart home gadgets with the Nest thromostat being their favorite. It one of ours too and heres why…

You no longer have to put up with a single, difficult to program or manual control for our heating system. Smart Thermostats bring heating controls into the modern market. With the continuing rise in the cost of energy, and 60% of energy being spent on heating your home, taking control of your costs makes increasing sense.

Traditional heating controls require complete manual input, and for you to do it within your home. Using a Smart thermostat you have the ability to control your heating from anywhere in the world via your smart phone, laptop, or other compatible device. Some models such as Nest even learn your behaviour and implement energy saving measures for you.

Contact Macfarlane Heating Services today to see how a Smart Thermostat and upgrading your heating controls can benefit you.

Energy Efficiency Award Finalist

Macfarlane Heating Services are delighted to make the finalist shortlist of the 2018 Regional Boiler & Heating Installer or Contractor of the Year Award.

The Energy Efficiency measures introduced by the Government following the Energy Act 2013, included the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) Scheme, the Green Deal Finance Initiative, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These measures together help homeowners reduce their energy bills, tackle fuel poverty and reduce Carbon emissions.

The aim of the Energy Efficiency Awards is to provide public recognition for the excellent work the Energy Efficiency sector is doing in implementing these schemes. And to help encourage best practice within the Energy Industry as it works to improve UK housing stock.

The 2018 Regional Boiler & Heating Installer or Contractor of the Year Award rewards one exceptional company, in each of the 11 Regional areas around the UK, that installs, maintains or repairs energy efficient boilers or heating systems.

This award recognises the efforts of fully qualified Boiler & Heating engineers that provide excellent customer service, and demonstrate a high standard of quality workmanship or best practice within their local community.

We are looking forward to the awards night on the 29th June


With the current drop in temperature we have had several calls from customers with no heating. If your boiler is making a gurgling noise, showing an EA or flame loss error code, your condensate pipe may be frozen.

This video link will hopefully give you simple enough instructions to get you back up and running.

If not, give us a call and we will do our best to get you back up and running as soon as possible on 01560 482717.

Heeps boiler cashback Scotland

The Scottish Government is offering owner occupiers, private tenants and private sector landlords who’s properties are in Council Tax Band A, B or C up to £500 for a replacement boiler providing the efficiency measures are recommended through a Green Deal assessment and installed by an approved installer. Macfarlane Heating Services are a Green Deal Approved installation company. Home Energy Scotland are advising that if you submit your claim you can also claim up to £100 towards the cost of your Green Deal assessment.

How to apply

  1. Telephone Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282
    If you do not have an e-mail address or need further assistance please advise Home Energy Scotland when calling. Once you have received an email with your unique reference number, you can apply through the link Your rebate voucher will be sent to you within 5 working days.
  2. Contact Macfarlane Heating Services on 01560 482717 to arrange a free quotation, your local registered Green Deal Installer.
  3. Once you have your voucher, a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) should be completed.
    Macfarlane Heating Services can offer to arrange for a Green Deal assessment to be completed for your property by an accredited DEA assessor.
  4. Proceed with the works
    Please note you must use a Green Deal certified installer like Macfarlane Heating Services. You will need to get the works completed within the date specified on your voucher.
  5. Pay your installer for the work
  6. Arrange for a Post Installation EPC
  7. Send completed cashback voucher and receipted invoices to Energy Savings Trust


If these are satisfactory payment will be made directly to your account within 10 days. If you need assistance in completing the paperwork Macfarlane Heating Services can help with this.

Macfarlane Heating Services can help you every step of the way call 01560 482717 for assistance.

Interest HEEPS Loan

Interest HEEPS Loan
The HEEPS Loan scheme is open to all owner occupiers and registered private sector landlords in Scotland. The repayment period varies based on the amount you intend to borrow but those taking out higher value loans will be able to pay back over 10 years. The loan can be for Boilers up to a value of £3,000 and Loft Installation up to £500.

What do I need to do next?
To make an application, call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282, who will arrange for an application form to be sent out.
You will need to have a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) carried out before you apply because any measures you wish to install must appear on the ‘Recommendations for improvement’ list on the EPC portion of the GDAR, which we can help you arrange.
Along with your completed form you will need to send a copy of your GDAR and at least one quote for each measure you wish to install.

Why choose Macfarlane Heating Services for your boiler installer?
Work carried out under the scheme must be completed by an installer who is Green Deal certified specifically for the measure you wish to install. Macfarlane Heating Services are a Green Deal approved installer.

What happens after I apply?
Once your application has been received, if you are successful, you will be offered a loan from Home Energy Scotland. You must not start work until you have received a loan offer.

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