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New Boiler Installation in Ayrshire

Central heating is a means of heating your home/business from one source – a boiler. The boiler heats the water, which is then supplied to where it’s needed – your taps or pumped to your radiators.

Whether you are installing a new boiler or simply looking for ways to improve your current system, you can choose from our range of accessories designed to help make your home more efficient.

Our Engineers will design a system tailored to suit your needs which will be efficent and cost effective to run.

Radiators, Gas Fires, Cookers, Showers etc Macfarlane Heating Services will do everything we can to make your boiler installation a simple process, with minimal disruption to your home or business. We’ll cover your carpets and protect surfaces, and there’ll be no mess left when we’re done. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know about how to use your new boiler and demonstrate all of the controls ensuring you are happy with your new boiler installation.

Macfarlane Heating Service will provide you with all the necessary service records and documentation – essential if you ever want to sell your home.

Macfarlane Heating Services have a very experienced staff most have been with the company for many years, giving stability and reliability, which are not always available in this industry. All of our Engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

Boiler Repairs in Ayrshire

At Macfarlane Heating Services we have a good knowledge of boiler repair in Ayrshire so when things go wrong, we offer a quick response to your calls.
We advise an annual boiler servicing to ensure your boiler is working efficiently, saving valuable fuel and money. Various safety checks are also carried out at this time ensuring your boiler is safe to use. During the service the Engineer will clean and examine the boiler and check the different functions of equipment for correct and safe operation.
Power Flushing
The build up of sludge in hot water heating systems is inevitable, no matter what fuel source is used. Over a period of time this sludge can block pipes and prevent radiators from distributing heat around your premises.

Do the following symptoms sound familiar?

  • Can you feel cold spots in the radiators?
  • Are your radiators cold at the bottom?
  • Are your radiators cold at the top and require bleeding?
  • Do you suffer from blocked valves due to sludge?
  • Are you unable to control the temperature of your radiators?
  • Do you have noisy pipes due to restriction?
  • Is your boiler cutting out due to damage or blocked pump?
  • Do you suffer from dirty brown or black water when bleeding your radiators?
  • Does your hot water fluctuate in temperature with little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers?

Power-flushing is the process by which central heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water and chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system. A power-flushing machine replaces your heating pump or radiator and your system is drained down and filled with fresh water and heavy duty cleansing chemicals. Each radiator is then cleansed individually until they are clean and all sludge is removed. Once every radiator has been treated and the water is running clear inhibitor and anti-freeze is then added to your system to stop any further corrosion.

Macfarlane Heating Services engineers have been trained to the highest of standards and are Gas Safe Registered. All our engineers are fully qualified plumbing & heating engineers.
We have a commitment to excellence and we only use the best power flushing equipment and chemicals on the market today. This way we can guarantee the best and most consistent results when carrying out a power-flush on a central heating system.

When we carry out your power-flush we can also install a magnetic filter to insure any sludge build up in the future will not get into your boiler.